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Do You Have Rodents In Your Ducts?

If rodents infest your HVAC ductwork, it can cause huge problems. Rodents will either find an opening in the ducting or chew their way through and make themselves home. If you do not deal with the issue quickly, the damage can get serious. That can bring you to a loss of conditioned air, and the HVAC system will not work at maximum efficiency.

How To Fix The Rats Problem In Your Ductwork?

To remove the nuisance and maximize energy use, householders should begin by figuring out the entry points in the ductwork. Then they should patch those potential holes up with duct tape.

The other option is sprinkling talcum powder. Sprinkling talcum powder near the entry points detects rodent feet trails and dictates where to set traps.

But, if the damage is severe, the section of ducting may need to be replaced. If you have no experience in this area, call an HVAC professional!

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