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Stale Air Troubles

Do you have proper ventilation and circulation of the air inside your home? Do you get yourself asking where is this smell coming from?

You might be dealing with stale air. If the air inside a room or area becomes old and as it sits, it begins to smell musty, which exposes us to certain health risks.

Stale air feels stuffy and uncomfortable. So, let’s see what you should do if you’re facing this problem.

How to remove stale air from home?

Keep your home clean – this will help with stale and smelly air issues. Try not to put harsh cleaning products such as bleach in rooms that have poor ventilation. When possible, use gentle products or natural substances (baking powder, white vinegar) to make your cleaning habits healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Regularly change your air filter – we’ve talked about this many times, air filter maintenance is extremely important! If filters are not cleaned or changed in a while, the returned air will be poor, possibly still smelly, and can cause many other problems!

Open windows – simple and cheap solution! Natural ventilation is always a great idea!

Get an air purifier – find the answer in nature. Of course, we are talking about plants! The right indoor plants can absorb any pollutants from the air and can help purify the air.

Get your AC HEPA filters – they help quietly filter air without you even knowing it and remove even the fine, more harmful air particles.

We also advise you to schedule our Odor Kill service – odor eliminator for the indoor air ventilation system! We are only one call away!

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