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Typically 2-4hrs per home depending on which cleaning package you go with. Ask our customer support rep what is the estimated time for the service based on detail you provide about your home.

No. New technology and new system is designed to be perfectly safe for pets and children (as well as adults of course). You can seat back and relax and enjoy the process while being inside your own home.

It is a safe and clean process even for a newborn babies. If she has some special underlying health condition, please consult your doctors for advice. We never had any problems reported in company history.

Not really. Our friendly and professional in-house technicians will do all the work for you. If you would like to speed up a process you are more than welcome to do so, but you don’t have to It would be nice if we can approach every duct/vent in the house.

For this you have to contact the rep so they will see if we need to use a:

a) combination of negative and positive air pressure (push and pull method) using a 3-stage HEPA-sealed-Negative-Air-Pressure-Vacuum along with agitators to scrub and push all the dust and debris.
b) or contact cleaning method using RotoBrush Beast HEPA technology with remote control..

It will depend on the state where you leave in, and what kind of setup you have at home. We have both methodologies developed to perfection which is how we won all the awards each year.

Generally process is very clean and we always try to leave the house intact like we were never there. Our expert technicians clean after themselves and live your house intact.

Yes just like in our Video on the bottom of the home page, our techs are instructed to either take their shoes off, or use shoe-covers. We respect your home as our own.

Yes. Please make sure to ask a technician beforehand.

Yes technicians are instructed to give our customers a heads-up of approximately 30-60 minutes before their arrival.

es absolutely. Process is not very noisy due to latest developments in technology and best methodologies and vacuums we use. You can close your doors and work from your office/room, and let us in when you are ready. After we finish you room, you can get back and continue your work.

We use both methodologies as explained above Ask our expert staff and they will explain detail. Method used will depend on the state and the setup of your HVAC/Air Duct System.

No. We use Flat Rate pricing. Please call us and we will explain in detail: 888-666-3160.

Yes. All vents and returns as well as main/trunk lines are included. Literally all air passages in and out are included in our flat rate price/quote you will get instantly over the phone: 888-666-3160.

Our expert Air Duct Cleaning technicians will do a free inspection of the HVAC System to check if it has accumulation of dirt, debris, pets dander, microorganisms, allergens or other microbes. The reason is that you would know that since if you only clean ducts or only clean HVAC Unit, you must be aware that according to EPA, air can circulate hundreds of times per day, therefore if you clean only one side of the equation, the other one which stays dirty, will pollute the one that just got cleaned (and vice versa).

HVAC (A/C) maintenance plans normally do not include blower cleaning and even if they do, those guys do not like to spend their time cleaning them as it requires a lot of work and they are specializing in repairs and that kind of maintenance. While we specialize in indoor air quality and air purification of your HVAC/Duct system and the air you breathe.

Yes. We recommend cleaning your filter immediately after we clean your air duct system. Our friendly techs will help you replace it free of charge, just have a spare filter ready.

Yes. We believe that vacuuming vents without sanitizing the ductwork is same as washing your heads without using a soap. Sanitizer is what kills microbes and small invisible particles since those cannot be vacuumed out. Our sanitizer is included by default FREE of charge and it is a must unless customer specifically insist to leave that part out of our service.

We only use in-house technicians Most of our technicians have been with us for many years. They are experts in indoor-air-quality.

Either/Or is fine. However it ight be better to do the Air Duct Cleaning first, and then paint the home as a last touch. However you can do the either way around, we would just have to be extra careful not to touch the newly painted walls. Make sure you give it some time to dry before you call us to do Air Duct / HVAC Cleaning. ALSO, please make sure you instruct your painters to take the vent covers off and paint them that way, instead of painting on top of them gluing them to the wall/ceiling (because then we would have to use cutters to cut around the vent covers gently to try to get them unstuck and not damage surrounding paint, which creates extra labor and it can be time consuming).

Yes this is very standard… remodeling your home normally is what triggers most households to give us a call to clean the air duct system from the dust and debris created. Try to tell your contractors to protect ventilation system when they are doing remodeling. They can cover the return vents and/or shutdown the HVAC Unit during the time when dust is created.

Yes we provide Residential and Commercial services for Indoor Air Quality / Air Duct Cleaning.
Instant quote is given for Residential Services over the phone, while most of commercial estimates have to be done on-site. We do provide FREE Commercial Estimates. Please call to schedule Free Commercial Air Duct / HVAC Cleaning estimate: 888-666-3160.

As indicated above, for Residential / Home Air Duct Cleaning you will get instant estimate over the phone (888-666-3160).

For commercial jobs, we offer FREE on-site visits estimates. Our expert tech would arrive at your earliest convenience and immediately assess the job. He will report back to the office and office will create a written proposal / estimate for your review and approval.

According to the EPA, Indoor Air Pollution can be up to 100x worse than the outdoor air pollution due to lack of Sun’s UV Lights which kills microbes etc. Please refer to our videos which talk into detail about that.

We accept all major credit/debit cards as well as Zelle, Venmo, PayPal or CashApp. You will get a receipt via email regardless of which payment method is used. Ask techncian or our customer representative for more detail and/or instructions on how to handle a payment upon completion of the service.

There is a 3% is CC fee assessed if Card is being used. This goes to cover the cost of the Credit Card processing (MasterCard/AmericanExpress and all other major cards). Some Credit Cards charge up to 5% or more, but we will take that loss and we limit the CC Fee to 3% only which only amounts to few dollars depending on the service.

No. Cash is strictly prohibited. If customers pay cash, we consider as if that service never happened, it is not covered by our Insurance and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

If technician accepts cash for any part the service provided, please report that to us and you will get entire air duct cleaning service completely FREE.

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